Monday, April 20, 2009

Mrs. Simpson's Class

Aren't we a nice looking group?
Hueytown Elementary recently participated in Baskets for Books at a UAB basketball game! Books a Million gave lots of money to the participating schools, with over $5000 going to the winning school--US! Individual classrooms as well as our school library will be getting new books soon thanks to Books a Million!!!

Our First Blog! Let's talk about adding and subtracting!

In Kindergarten we are learning about addition and subtraction. As we learn how to add and subtract, it is also important to know WHY we need to learn these things. Please comment stating some ways you and your family use addition and subtraction on a daily basis. For example, I used addition today when I went to the store. I added up my dimes and nickels to see if I had enough money to buy a Coke Zero! How ave you used addition/subtraction today?