Friday, November 16, 2012

Balls and Ramps!!

We had a GREAT time during our Balls and Ramps unit!  We learned about properties of motion and built roadways!  Our families even got to come see our hard work!

It took us many days to construct our roadways.  We worked as a team!!

5th grade helpers came to assist us one day.

We invited our families to see our hard work!!

Our visitors!!

We have had some really great visitors!!  Check these out!!

Leaping Lizards!

Mr. Henderson brought a Show and Tell item for green day...a lizard!!!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Our first science unit was all about clouds!  We learned about different types of clouds.  See below for a peek into one of our fun activities...we used shaving cream to recreate the different types of clouds!

Cumulus clouds are big and puffy!!

Stratus clouds look like a blanket!

Cirrus clouds look like a horse's tail!

Contrails are trail clouds!!

New Math Centers

We have new math centers!  Check them out below:
 Pattern block sorting

Attribute Block Sorting 

Tile Sorting 

Counting Jar

Math Centers

We love math centers!  The first set of centers we did was exploring manipulatives.  We loved getting to play with the pieces and seeing the different things we can do with them!