Saturday, November 13, 2010

Look what we've been up to!

Our class proved to be full of Super Sorters!!  Check out their sorting plates!

We also had a great opportunity to learn about how our bodies work through Body Trek!  This was an interactive walk through the human body!  Here Gunner and Abi show us how a stethoscope is used and what a human heart looks like!

Homecoming Week!

Homecoming week was so much fun!  One of the class' favorite dress up days was "Dress like Mr. Henderson" day!  They had a great time and really looked the part!

We also had a wonderful time at the high school's homecoming parade!  They brought the parade right by our school!!!  We loved the Hueytown Clown!

More Balls, Ramps, and Roadways...

Here are the 4 teams we had for Roadway building!  These were completely student constructed!  They learned to think critically and solve problems, as well as work in a cooperative group!  Each roadway was tested with various balls, and they all worked so well!  I know you're impressed!!