Saturday, February 19, 2011

Bieber Fever!

Some of my Kindys have definitely caught Bieber fever!  Fortunately, I found a GREAT way to incorporate him into our classroom!  Justin Bieber has a recording of him reading The Cat in the Hat on the web, so I loaded it up and showed it through the projector.
We have been studying Famous Americans lately, which showed when I asked them to guess what famous person made a video of our class...
"Is it George Washington?"  "No, he lived a loooong time ago, and he passed away."
"Abraham Lincoln?" "Nope, he's not alive any more."
"George Washington Carver?"
"Martin Luther King?"
"No, no..."
Someone even asked if it was Michael Jackson!!

I went ahead and began playing, and the room was filled with screams and squeals!!  Look how excited we are!!

Valentine's Day!

We had a blast on Valentine's Day!  Gunner's mom brought breakfast treats for a special snack, and we opened all the Valentines from our friends!  Valentines day is such a fun day in Kindergarten!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Boosterthon Fun Run!

We had an AMAZING time with our Boosterthon Fun Run Fundraiser!  Our class worked very hard to get pledges, and they worked even harder when it was time to run the laps!!  Combined, our class ran over 600 laps!!!  Continue to collect the money from pledges, and I will let you know our grand total!!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Hip Hip Hooray for the 100th Day!

Check out these 100 year old kindergartners we have at HES!

Here are our fun 100th day activities:

*One Hundreds Mix (Students sent in 100 of a food item to make our version of Chex Mix (100 M&MS, 100 Skittles, 100 raisins, 100 Cheerios, etc.) We even shared some with our administrators!!

*Dress like you're 100 years old!!

*100 or Not 100-we estimated objects in clear containers...crayons, buttons, etc. and estimated!

*100th Day Centers- students chose 1 of the following center activities to do in teams:
Alphabet Soup (students used 10 sets of 10 foam sticker letters and divided into 5 bowls of soup)
Ten Tens Frames (students filled 10 tens-frames with circle stickers and used repeated addition to check for 100)
Cotton Ball Cloud (students created a cloud from 100 cotton balls)

We had a wonderful time!  Who knew counting was so much fun?