Friday, September 30, 2011

Balls, Ramps, and Roadways!!

We ended our unit on Balls, Ramps, ad Roadways with a bang!  Today we had our showcase where we invited our families to see the roadways we constructed.  They even got to try them out!  Who knew paper towels and masking tape could be so much fun?  We also showed this video to our parents today so they could see all the hard work we've done!


Cindy Hutter and Tanya Wildman said...

Heather, you must teach at an AMSTI school. We are doing our Balls and Ramps unit now, also. The kids LOVE it! Do you use Investigations for math? We teach in Alabaster, at Meadow View Elementary.

Heather Simpson said...

Yes I do! I teach for Jefferson County...not all of our schools are AMSTI, but HES is! We have investigations and love it! We have the updated books which are SO much better than the earlier edition!!